Live Casino Hold Em Strategy

Live Casino Hold Em Strategy

Wanda Galarza

February 1, 2022

Casino Hold Em is by far the most played version of poker, both offline and online. This game is attractive to thousands of players and is featured in hundreds of the best online casinos. One of the great things about playing this game online is that many leading sites will not only offer their standard version of the game, but will also feature a live dealer version. This type of game makes things more exciting for the player as it reproduces a true land based casino experience. With Live Casino Hold Em, players will enjoy real-time play and benefit from interactions with everyone else at the table. Like many other casino games found online, Casino Hold Em has a house edge, and this can work against the player. However,

One thing players should remember is that this version of poker is played only against the casino and not against other players at the table. There are different rules and a wide range of bets that can be made. Before playing any Casino Hold Em live dealer game, players had better play some free games at an online casino, especially if they are new to the starting game. These free versions will allow players to take the time to learn all the rules of the game and even learn some game strategies from other players.

When players can employ an optimal strategy, Casino Hold Em offers a house edge of approximately 0.80%. There are no single rules that tell players when to play or fold, as the optimal strategy is based on using all five cards in play. However, there are some charts available that can help players make important decisions with their hands and these can be used when playing a live dealer game.

Based on this optimal strategy, players holding a pair should never fold their hand. A hand that contains an Ace or King such as a high card, a flush, or any open straight must not be doubled. This can also apply with a high queen hand, but that depends on the player. The folding should only be done in hands that have low value cards or those that will not have the possibility of creating a winning hand based on the poker pay table.

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